How long does it take to get my card?

After order is placed, the card is generally created within 2 business days and mailed out immediately. The average time frame is to receive by one week.


How does the custom RHYME work?

Once you pick the template you like simply fill out the questionnaire with the details you want. The more detailed you are with the information you provide the more personalized the card can become. You may use nicknames, personal facts, a brief story, or any information to convey the facts you would like the creator of the card to know.


Can I attach a gift card to my purchase?

Yes you can attach a gift card with your purchase or just create the card and purchase your own gift card locally to give with the personalized card.


Can I send the card to the recipient?

Yes. you can send directly to the recipient or direct to yourself to give to someone in person. It is your choice.


Can I send multiple cards?

Yes!! Plan ahead. If you know of many occasions you need cards for order as many as you like. Multiple order Discounts available.


Do I have to send the custom rhymed card with a gift card?

No. You may send just the card alone. You may send with any gift like a regular card, with cash, flowers, or a gift card you choose here from the GCS website.


What if I want a Gift Card denomination not offered? For example you offer a $25 Visa card and I would like a $40?

I will gladly try to accommodate you and go get the desired amount. But an additional service fee will apply.


What if I want a gift card not available on your website?

If I am able to accommodate you I will do my best. Please email me at GiftCardStarz@gmail.com with your requested card and if We are able to get it I will let you know. A $5 additional service fee will apply. Please keep in mind GCS is located in a small town in Florida and will not have access to a lot of stores. Will mainly have access to cards inside Walgreens or a grocery store.


How do you activate the gift card?

Our company buys the gift card from a local store in which the normal activation applies. Will receive activation receipt with purchase just as if you were buying it yourself.


Can I just buy a gift card alone, without a personalized card?

No. We pride ourselves on creating a thoughtful keepsake to send with the gift card, so a personalized card must be purchased to add a gift card to the order.