Hello and welcome to Gift Card Starz, my name is Christine and I am the founder who helps you to personalize the gift cards you give for any occasion. Our mission was born from the loss of my mother who passed away over the holidays of 2020. As you can imagine, this was a difficult time for me and my family. We were blessed beyond measure with a wonderful local hospice whose staff went above and beyond for my mom and family. Words cannot describe the comfort and peace that they brought to our family in the last days of her life. To show our appreciation, we decided to forgo giving Christmas gifts to each other and do something special for everyone who plays a role at the hospice location where my mom stayed.

The decision to give back was easy, but figuring out what to give people we didn’t personally know was another matter. Gift cards proved to be the most appropriate solution, but lacked a personal touch. They didn’t convey the impact everyone at the hospice had on my family. I wanted to share my words of appreciation with each of them in a unique way so my gift would be remembered and truly convey our admiration. I decided to create a card with a meaningful rhyme to accompany a gift card personalized to each hospice worker.

Their response was extremely gratifying and thus Gift Card Starz was born. Now I am on a mission to help you give every gift card a uniquely crafted rhyme for your recipient. The customized rhyme made from the information you provide, transforms your gift card from ordinary to extraordinary.  Finally a way to turn gift cards into thoughtful, memorable, and caring gifts!